Interesting Remedy to increase Business

This is a post which gives an interesting Indian paranormal remedy for those who wish to increase their trade and business. This remedy is also suitable for those who have incurred business debts, those facing losses and on the verge of collapse and those whose business has become stagnant.

This simple remedy does not involve any Mantra or Tantra nor any specific ritual or rite. If one believes in such remedies, then one should not question how they work; there is sure to be some profound reason or method known to those who first prescribed them.

Now the remedy – Purchase a caged Parrot from the market; make sure that it wings have not been damaged or cut and it is fit enough to fly. Then bring it home and give it something to eat; like tomatoes or cucumber and some water.

Then release this Parrot from its cage; the higher it flies the more will be the success you get. And yes; you can practice this remedy again and again.

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  1. Respected sir, my son has lagnesh Budh ( kanya rashi lagnesh) and Budh itself is in twelfth house with sun, shukra and rahu. My son is intelligent but lazy. He want to become a CA. Can the caged parrot remedy be performed every six months to strengthen his budh , in order to get success in CA exam.

    1. You can try the remedy for your son, but he has to practice it himself.

  2. Very very thanks Sir. After your advice, I went to a bird seller. He told me that Green Indian Parrots are banned by government for sale. Only available varieties for sale are multicolor ( bluish, yellowish, greenish) small parrots called parakeets. Sir, will that bird serve our purpose. Also, birdseller told me that these birds will only eat SEEDs of tomato and cucumber. Is that also OK

    1. The Tantra says Parrots, so any kind of Parrot will do, seeds of tomato and cucumber are ok.
      As regards your other comment on the woman Guru on an reputed Indian TV Show, translating my remedies, I have noticed many such astrologers/tantrics/ gurus everywhere, including the web fooling people by using the contents of this site and trying to pass it off as their own. I leave them to their fate.

  3. Sir , as suggested by you, my sons performed the experiment by purchasing seperate parrots for them. None of the two parakeets ( budzrigar) eat the seeds we had placed. They have eaten only the grains given along with by the shopkeeper. One had bitten green chilli. Is that OK , as , I have planned to repeat the experiment on coming Wednesday.

    1. The details of the remedy as per this particular Tantra are explained in the article.
      Try to give the Parrots whatever they like, including the grains given by the shopkeeper.

  4. Sir there's Surya mangal budh in my lagna shukra in 2nd house ketu in 6th brahspati in 7th shani in 9th and moon with rahu in 12th house...I am going the worst phase of my life financially..Sir please guide me...Can I do this remedy and on which day or suggest me any other remedy sir...Sir my date of birth is 21.11.1976 place Delhi time 06.45 a.m. sir..Please help me sir


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