Musalmani Daridra Nashak Mantra

The mantra given in this post is another one of the Islamic Mantras for putting an end to poverty.  It is also called the Musalmani Daridra Nivaran  or Nashak Mantra. The mantra involves a special experiment, which is conducted for a total period of 5 days.  In this post, I will explain the procedure of performing this experiment in a few simple steps.

The Daridra Nashak Prayog
The mantra experiment is to be commenced on any Friday and conducted for  total of 5 days, in the same manner, described below.
On each of these 5 days, the practitioner has to get up early in the morning, and without speaking to anyone, wash his hands and feet and sit down on a mat and light some Dhoop/ Loban and an Oil Lamp.
For the purposes of counting the chants, a Counting Rosary of Coral Beads has to be used.
Then he has to chant बिसमिल्ला [ Bismillah] an Arab Word meaning God, 101 times.
After completing the above, he has to chant the Islamic Mantra given here 1100 times.
During the course of the Sadhana, mentioned above he should not speak to anyone.

After finishing the steps mentioned above, the practitioner, can have a bath and go about his day-to-day affairs.

An Islamic Mantra for Poor People to end their Poverty
Musalmani Daridra Nashak Mantra

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