Enjoyable Life in Space Cable Lifts

A geostationary cable lift could offer multiple working and living stations, supported at multiple cable heights, even kilometers apart, lower or higher. To visit another such station would be no problem. Simply ride a lift vessel very easily from where you were, to quickly reach where you wanted to spend some of your free or working time.

If being below the main geostationary height center station, Earth gravity weight would pull you down slightly more than the cable's centrifugal outward force. Or if above the main geostationary height effectively weightless center station, centrifugal force would lightly give you some net force effective light "weights" outward away fro Earth (helping sustain things lifted up the cable below). Thus workers plus families in the various additional stations could have maybe nice very comfortable little fractions of Earth surface gravity weights for living and performing their career tasks, as well as for normal daily living necessities.

Or living and working in a higher station would keep them a bit farther from Earth's interferences from our wide spread stuff, such as for electronics. Also up higher would usefully mean a bit shorter shadowing near midnight times by Earth near Spring and Fall equinox days. Thus you'd have less reduced generated electricity twice a year for such only short times.

Living here for months or even years had some similarities to being in the high orbiting settlements. They were robotically well served for work or daily living. Daily food? It would easily be grown, thanks to mirrors captured sunlight, then harvested by robots in some major parts of each big station. Serving robots would clean, then daily nicely prepare and serve it. And more to eat, such as any wanted meat or fish, could be easily delivered up the cable lift from below at little added delivery cost.

Since it was cheap to get folks lifted up, then in summer or vacation times, some parents might have one or more child brought up for a while to have good fun enjoying low weights living in their cable station, often playing with others. They could also enjoy many good easy natural or magnified views of almost half of Earth visible all around below their parents' work station.

And at any free time, any day, children and parents could enjoy many good telescope views of things all around the Solar system, little hindered by Earth below. If swinging around Earth such that it briefly blocked a view of maybe a planet, that wasn't a problem. Just enjoy viewing some other things (or Earth itself) for a short time, then view interesting distant planets once more in a good line of sight, or view other places of interest.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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