Yantra Tantra to Heal Small Pox

This is another of the Indian healing Talismans to cure and heal the disease of Small Pox. This Yantra works in a similar manner to one given earlier, which invokes the Goddess Sheetla Mata, it can be seen HERE. Sheetla Mata is the Hindu Goddess, who cures a person of this serious disease, which leaves permanent scars on the face of the sufferer.

The Yantra as you can see is a simple one having 9 Shreem’s in 9 squares. In this post, I will explain how to prepare the Yantra and practice the remedy.

An Indian Healing Yantra for treating Small Pox
Yantra to Heal Small Pox

The Yantra should be prepared on any Monday. The practitioner should dip some Khismis [Raisins] in a little bit of water and let them soak overnight. Then he should mix some strands of Kesar [Saffron] in this water, to make the ink for preparing the Yantra and use a pointed wooden stick to write it on a Bhojpatra or White Piece of Paper.

After this, the Yantra has to be put in a cloth Tabeez and worn around the neck as a healing amulet.

Then a Yantra has to be prepared in the same manner everyday and it has to be immersed and rubbed in a little bit of drinking water and this water has to be given to the patient suffering from Small Pox to drink. This self healing experiment should be continued until one gets positive results.

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  1. sir,I am very fond of your site.I am devotee of maa kali,I find some one to follow as guruji as u.after reading so many sites/blogs,I come to the conclusion that all site or blog demands money except u.I want sadhana path of pari/yakshini/apsara.can u help me by providing full procedure(including all needful things) to attain any simple one at home ei. not goining to samshanghat or under tree or beside river.

    1. If you are a Devotee of Maa Kali, then seek guidance by meditating upon the Goddess to show you the way.

  2. Yantra can change a man? Yes,now i believe Yantra can change a man. I read your site thoroughly than i understood about this matter.
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  3. guru gi hame apsara sadhana ko karne ka marg darshan de mai ak tantrik hu aur jan kalyan karta hu mai apsara sadhana karna chahta hu krapa karke mera marg darshan kar de


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