Yantra [Charm] to Heal Malaria

This is an Indian health Yantra [Charm] to cure and Heal Malaria. The disease of Malaria, which is a disease, that originates from a certain kind of infected mosquito, was as common in the past as it is even today, hence the Indian healers of paranormal healing, invented certain numerical configurations of numbers, letters and symbols to heal this and many such similar challenges to health.

This particular Charm is prepared on a Bhojpatra or a White Piece of paper as shown in the image, using any kind of ink and writing instrument.

An Indian Healing Charm to Cure Malaria
Yantra [Charm] to Heal Malaria 
There is no infusion, energisation or worship procedure involved and hence the Yantra can be prepared and brought into use straightaway.

Note – I cannot vouch for the success or failure of this Charm. It is not a replacement for any kind of medical treatment.

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