Vashikaran [Attraction] Yantra for Friend

This is Vashikaran [Attraction] Yantra for attracting a friend. By friend, I do not mean a lover; however, the friend can be either a man or woman. This Indian Charm is said to bring the friend back into your life and come on his own to meet you. However, no selfish motives, like getting some work done or borrowing money should be attached as the Charm is said to work only in those cases where the friendship is pure and without any ulterior or hidden motive.

The Yantra comprising of Hindu Beej Mantras has to written as shown in the image given below. It should be written using a pointed wooden stick and with the paste of Kasturi [Musk]. The Yantra is ready for use; there is no requirement of any special form of worship or any infusion process for this Yantra.

The prepared Vashikaran Yantra should then be hung from the branch of any tree with a string. The Tantra says that the heart of your friend will yearn and move for you just like how the Yantra moves around with the wind.

An Indian Attraction Charm to bring a friend back into your life
Vashikaran [Attraction] Yantra for Friend

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  1. where should i write the name of the friend

  2. Sir sorry to bother you again but please can you mention as how will the yantra come to know which friend I want to attract?

    1. You know in your mind which friend you are performing the experiment for, so the thoughts are automatically transmitted to the Yantra.

  3. Pranams Guruji,

    Thank you for the knowledge. Do we get musk in market these days?


  4. Guruji, is it necessary to quit nonveg & alcohol to do all these sadhana. Can't we do the sadhana having it. Kindly reply

    1. If there are any special rules regarding the Mantra Sadhanas, they are mentioned in the individual articles.
      If nothing is mentioned, then there are no special rules to be followed.

  5. Hello Neelji

    i tried getting authentic kasturi but i doubt the quality even the authenticity. kindly tell us substitute for kasturi and aslo rhis needs to be written on Bhokpatra or any paper would do.

    1. The Yantra should be drawn only as recommended, there are no alternatives to the ingredients prescribed in the article.

  6. Greetings guruji, I have a question. Can I make it for another person who wants to be friends with someone. Because she can not make this but I can do it for her, will it work?

    1. You fried should make the Yantra herself because it will not work if her thought waves will not reach the target person.

    2. Thank you so much for your response guruji

  7. Can I prepare this yantra on white paper because Neel sir you didn't mention either bhojpatra or paper ..???


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