Aghori Videshan Mantra Prayog

This is an Aghori Videshan Mantra Prayog, which is conducted in a graveyard; this Tantra to create division by way of internal fights amongst enemies is only for the advanced Tantric Practitioner. This is a Siddha Mantra and does not need a lengthy Sadhana to gain Mastery over it.

The Sadhak has to go to a graveyard on the night of an Aamavasya [no or new moon night].  There he has to light a fire and cook some Urad Beans [Black Gram or lentils] in water, using a small pot. Then when the Urad Beans are cooked, he has to let them dry. Then he has to remove them from the pot and bring them back to his home.

Then whenever he wants to trigger of fierce some fights amongst his enemies, he has to take some of the Urad Beans in his hands and chant this Videshan Mantra once to infuse the Urad Beans with the mantra. Then he has to throw the Urad Beans in the homes of his enemies. This Prayog has to be performed on a Sunday or a Tuesday.
A fierce some experiment using Hindu Mantra to create fights among enemies
Aghori Videshan Mantra 

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  1. What if my enemy is staying with me in my home?

    1. Then you could try some other Videshan experiment.


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