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Robotic Collection on New Found Asteroids

Over many months, determining well the orbits of newly found asteroids would finally allow sending special robotic collections to reach new found asteroids, if not seeming too small, if at least as big as someone's house as they continued orbiting Sol. To have attempted these made on Earth and rocketed up would have been expensive nonsense, (and air polluting, for so many asteroids).

A sent collection would have all needed to improve orbit details and scan the asteroid's size and surface nature, to be sent to libraries on Earth keeping orbit details, asteroid sizes, and surface types. After landing, it would also monitor for any later apparent knock from any significant space junk which might alter its orbit. Also sent to Earth would be details about the asteroid's current local day, to know when its communications cube could be used.

Later this would accept signals requesting to have beamed back the asteroid details and the latest updated finely computed orbit. Using energy stored from Sol in asteroid daytime, the cube would finely properly time gridded encoded light wave outputs to effectively finely precisely beam back such details.

The microgridded communications cube would also be able to check positions of Sol and planets and some distinct bright stars, to be able to report any future apparent asteroid orbit change, such as if rarely getting struck by some significant space junk. The recomputed orbit would helpfully let any future collision into or gravitational deflection from a bigger asteroid be predicted.

The current investors group responsible for maintaining the two high settlements orbiting Earth, and also for robotic refining and construction sites, (often by now getting improved on more than one useful asteroid not too remotely distant), had debated the not too small asteroid finding idea with some of the high orbiting settlers. Expansion of the Fullball world years in the future wouldn't need all the now available robotically produced and improved waiting robotic construction capacity. Thus many asteroid orbit monitoring robotic sets could also be made and nicely sent to previously known asteroids.

Most of the investors had thus finally agreed, (especially thanks to virtually free robotic work for refining and construction etc.), that it should be ok and affordable enough to expand or reprogram some by now well improved equipment to have such sets robotically formed and sent to all not too small found asteroids. Thus this was begun, as protective for Earth's future.

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