Microgridded Communications in Space

The source asteroid for robotic refining and constructions had up on two opposite pole towers microgridded communications cubes. The faces of such cubes had microgridded complex molecular sensors/senders able to sense light wave portions reaching them, or to send out properly timed light wave portions which would combine to produce light wave communications beamed to possibly several directions.

Something like this can be simulated by an array of floating little wood disks. Waves passing over such an array would cause such wood pieces to rise & fall. Thus relative times of such rises & falls could be used to determine the directions of waves passing over them, and also the speed & wavelengths of such waves, something like for light having uniform very fast light speed c for all color wavelengths. Wave strengths would show the intensity, weak if dim light, or strong if bright.

If long waves were passing by, thus being more separated in time and distances apart, vs. small short waves passing over the array of wood pieces, thus less separated in passage times and distances apart, this let the sensed array of wave passages determine the source directions plus their wave lengths (something like different wavelength colors for light), also the wave strengths, (something like light intensities).

If, around such an array of wave sensing floating little wood disks, multiple wave sources were simultaneously sending waves, then the successive rises and falls of the wood pieces could be used to determine all the source directions, also their respective different wave natures. Then one could select out of all sensed wave passages, to ignore those from unwanted directions, while filtering to concentrate on just waves data coming from some wanted source direction(s). Thus such an array of wave sensors permits filtering for just the wave data from preferred sources.

Conversely, briefly pulling up and down the wood floats at proper computed times, will generate waves in a wanted direction with wanted wavelengths.

Something like this could be done with a microgridded array of light sensors. Due to fast light speed c, our light gets very short wavelengths (in Angstroms = A.U. = 10^-8 cm), [^ indicates an exponent], like ultraviolet <= 4000 A.U., visible 4000 - 7000, infra-red >= 7000 A.U. These are thus thousands of wavelengths per cm.

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