Future Entertainments in Space

Some in settlements orbiting Earth may discuss if there is more they should apply their minds to in their free time. Compared with Earth's billions, the settlers should have ever more free time available often daily, nicely freed up by increasingly better serving robotic devices taking care of so many tasks which many on Earth have to devote time to.

On Earth, finding things to fill free time with now wasn't much of a problem. People liked often gaining nicely happier lives by frequently enjoying several entertainments. (Many guys would give many hours to simply watch sports!) Most folks confined any hard mental struggles just to paid career work. Much work on Earth in fact didn't demand hard mental efforts.

By this century, awake time away from work, while not preparing/eating meals, nor cleaning, raising children, etc., had been almost totally enjoyed used for entertainments such as socializing, enjoying music, playing (+sex), games, reading interesting things, watching sports, TV or movies, visiting WWWeb, etc. Folks didn't feel at all bad in the slightest, nor wrong if often engaged then in no more complex mental task than maybe some fun challenging game.

This is as it had increasingly been becoming back into prehistory. Folks had worked on various tasks, (often mostly physical, not creatively mental), only when really needed, and to gain earnings to be helpful in their futures. Otherwise they had felt it was quite ok for most all to freely enjoy basic entertainments usually daily, (now including many TV programs), or to enjoy simple playing or maybe sharing stories or often simply socializing.

Many current folks felt about the same. Anything wrong with frequently enjoying daily life? Why not? Who wouldn't want to enjoy good entertainments weekly, and also frequently share in good fun with others? Why feel in the slightest upset if that didn't demand lots of complex thinking?

Those up in the high settlements had been increasingly feeling even more contented with their ever easier living. Why not let daily living be easily ever more enjoyed? They could even try capturing extra fun moments many Earth folks might find entertaining, (and tempting). Some thus began doing this, easily showing some extra enjoyable views of more of their frequent easy fun living up here at light or zero weights, to be included with the nice tempting glimpses of settlement living up here already being sent down to Earth.

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