Muslim Mantra to remove obstacles

This is a Muslim Mantra to remove all kinds of obstacles, including paranormal ones, from the home, office, business place or the shop.  The Mantra which is from the Islamic Mantra of the Hindu Shabar Vidya, is said to remove obstacles both seen and unseen for the vicinity of the place, where the rite given below is performed and from the vicinity of the practitioner.

The rite is as follows – The practitioner has to prepare 4 cloth dolls, resembling a human, having hands, feet, eyes etc. Then plenty of Loban- Dhoop has to be offered to the 4 cloth dolls.

After this, the Muslim Mantra given here has to be chanted 108 times and the practitioner has to blow his breath over the 4 dolls once. Then the 4 dolls have to be kept in the 4 corners of the office, home or shop.

ॐ नमो सात समुद्र के बीच शिला | जिस पर सुलेमान पैगंबर बैठा |
पूर्व को धाया देव दानवोको बांधी लाया |
दुसरा मुवाक्किल पश्चिम  को धाया | भूत – प्रेत कू बांधी लाया | तिसरा मुवाक्किल उत्तर को धाया |
अयुत पितृ को बांधिलाया | चौथा मुवाक्किल दक्षिण को धाया | डाकिनी शाकिनी को पकड लाया |
चार मुवाक्किल चहुं दिशि धावें | छलाछिद्र कोऊ रहन न पावें | रोग दोष को दूर भगावें |
शब्द सांचा | पिंड काचा |
फुरे मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा |
Om Namo Saat Samudra Ke Beech Sheela | Jis Par Suleman Paigambar Baitha |
Purva Ko Dhaayaa Dev Danavoko Laayaa |
Dusra Muvaakkil Paschim Ko Dhaayaa | Bhoot- Pret Koo Baandhi Laayaa | Teesra Muvaakkil Uttar Ko Dhaayaa |
Ayut Pitru Ko Baandhilaayaa | Choutha Muvaakkil Dakshin Ko Dhaayaa | Daakini Shaakini Ko Pakad Laayaa |
Chaar Muvaakkil Chhum Dishi Dhaavem | Cchalaacchidra Kou Rahan Na Pavem | Rog Dosh Ko Door Bhagavem |
Shabd Saanchaa | Pind Kaachaa |
Furo Mantra Ishwaro Vaachaa |

Thereafter the practitioner should chant the mantra 108 times daily, until such a time when he feels complete relief. The dolls can be kept there in the same place. If the dolls get damages, they have to be immersed in flowing water and new ones put in their place by conducting the same rite, which has been explained above.

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