Surya Mantra to cure Ringworm

There is a simple Indian Tantra, using a Surya Mantra to control and remove Ringworm, which I have given in this post. This is not a replacement for any existing medication and hence can be practiced along with the ongoing medical treatment for ringworm.

Ringworm can be an extremely painful, irritating and embarrassing ailment and many a times those suffering from this ailment find themselves in an awkward position as the uncontrollable urge to scratch manifests.  In addition, the patches of ringworm on certain areas of the body cannot be hidden and hence are visible.

The first thing upon getting up from bed in the morning, chant the Surya Mantra - Om Soom Suryaya Namah ॐ सूं सूर्याय नमः  few time and apply the Saliva in your mouth over the area of the body which has been affected by ringworms. Upon getting up take care not to spit out the Stale Saliva in your mouth for it is the Stale Saliva, which has to be applied.

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  1. There are 2 creams which can be applied to the affected area for ringworm as follows:

    1. HHZole cream in the morning after bath.
    2. Sebifin+ cream in noght after sleeping.

    Continue this for a few days, and it will be gone.

    Also you need to wash the affected area by cold water only.

    I hope this information helps.


  2. I liked this post on the prevention with natural methods. Thank you for making this nice post and for sharing natural ways for the treatment of ringworm. We can also use antibacterial soap to prevent ringworm.

  3. I tried this remedy and it gave me some relief. Thanks sir.

  4. How many days you have to chant this mantra.csn or be chanted in the night time.because I did a home remedy. Ring worm went but it it is still itching in that part. Does ringworm go permanently by chanting this mantra.

    1. As mentioned in the post, chant the Mantra along with your medications for permenent effect.


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