Cartoon Character Robots in Future

More things got tried up in the high orbiting settlements to let others in free time enjoy added fun varieties. Some tried now making good video cartoon comedies. They received several possible cartoon comedy funny suggestions. The best were chosen to try making.

They could program some robots dressed in suitable outfits, (modified to look closer to the intended comedy cartoon characters), to perform maybe in a big park (on its cylinder surface currently being spun to give Earth-like weights). They might avoid or later mask over some video backgrounds if too extensively showing that this had been prepared up in a settlement. (Then some Earth viewers might be more contented.)

The captured scenes were appropriately modified as needed to fit an intended comedy cartoon, with the views of the robots finely modified to look more like the intended cartoon comedy characters. These were cleanly patched together. Impressive! Never could any ordinary cartoon artist have formed such detailed perfect images with perfect body shapes and movement details, (if anyone cared).

The most pleasing best resulting cartoons were sent down to be distributed by selected interested Earth video companies. Many (especially younger) Earth viewers were visually impressed and enjoyed these, and really didn't mind realizing that the imaginative funny artful cartoons had actually been made up in an orbiting settlement. Some in fact became extra interested in watching if learning that.

Some other enjoyable entertainments were also tried. Many people like reading about fun adventures. Becoming used to the quite different easy living up in the high orbiting Fullball 3D balloon world had certainly been a fun adventure. So they could nicely write brief tales about some fun aspects of this.

Most had much enjoyed transforming from (*yawn*) duller Earth traditional conventional laboring lives into the (!neat!) excitingly improved easy daily living fitting a robotically sustained cylinder or Fullball world. They were convinced many on Earth might enjoy reading about some of their interesting experiences, getting used to the new good fun easy living up here.

Indeed, many on Earth did find this enjoyable, reading some nicely written tales about some of their first adventures, including trying air swimming with air scoops, more interesting than merely viewing brief glimpses sent earlier.

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