Muslim Wealth Mantra

This here is a mantra to gain sudden wealth. The Shaabri Vidhya popularized and composed in the commonly spoken language of the Middle Ages by the Navanath’s also gave some mantras specially composed for the benefit of the Muslim population.

However there is no bar as anyone can recite the mantra. The script is the same as for the rest of the mantras.

This is a Wealth Mantra which has been prescribed to gain sudden wealth. This mantra has to be recited 51,000 times to attain mastery [Siddhi] over the mantra.

Baithe chabutre pathe kuran
Hajar kaam duniyaka kare
Ek kaam mera na kere to
Teen lakh taithis hajar paigambarki duhai ll

बैठे चबूतरे पठे कुराण
हजार काम दुनियाका करे
एक काम मेरा न करे तो
तीन लाख तैतीस हजार पैगंबरोंकी दुहाई ll

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  1. Any restrictions for this mantra? Is it only to be chanted in the morning or can I chant it throughout the day as well while working?

    1. No restrictions have been given the mantra can be chanted anytime

    2. Is there any time limit for 51000 times please let me know

  2. sir how may i count the time of mantras that i have completed 51000 times and what will happen if i go furthur than 51000 plzz tell me

  3. Dear Sir,

    One thing I do not understnad is that 51000 times in what duration of time, have to complete within a day or within a week or month. This should be mentioned for every siddhi so that layman can also understand. Please reply..

    Thanks & regards,

    1. 51,000 chants are to be completed by chanting a fixed number of chants per day, within a period as per the convenience of the practitioner. This period should not exceed 40 days.

  4. It's mentioned above that 51000 chants are to attain Siddhi over the mantra.
    After that, are there steps to be followed to be able to use the mantra to gain wealth?

    1. There are no other steps after Siddhi, the texts says once the mantra is mastered, wealth comes to the practitioner.

    2. Thank you Neelji.

  5. I have done many sins. Now i want to do the mantra only to donate money to the poor. Will i get anything?

  6. sudden wealth ane se log sawal na karinge k kaha se itni jaldi wagaira?

  7. Namskara PanditJi,

    You have stated a fixed number of mantra jāpa should be performed daily. So shouldnt some form of sankalpa be performed also?

    1. If you mean a Sankalp for for chanting a fixed number of Mantra Chants, then you can take the Sankalp but it is not Mandatory.

  8. Namaste neel ji,
    can you explain procedure for accruing siddhi,
    this mantra should be chatted an fix time day or we chat this as per are conveniences

    1. For a fixed number of Mantra Chants in as few days as possible.

  9. Can it be chanted at any time,any where? While walking travelling, sleeping etc etc??

  10. Mr.Neel...thankyou for the Sadhana...any specific mala to use and any specific day or time to start and any restrictions while doing Sadhana?

  11. Sir , in the ending of the mantra , am confused if its written - paigambarki or paigambaroki ?


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