Comet Prophecy of Nostradamus

This is the clearest Quatrain from the Centuries of Nostradamus  , which describes a Comet striking the southern part of France and causing a global catastrophe The Quatrain has been interpreted before, but a dating has not been made.

I. 46.
Tout aupres d'Aux, de Lectore & Mirande,
Grand feu du Ciel en trois nuicts tombera,
Cuase aduiendra bien stupende & mirande,
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.
Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights. The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous; shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.

This Quatrain given below I think is connected. This could he the huge hail from the comet, accompanied by the earthquake as the earth trembles and shakes violently from the hit. This Quatrain has been interpreted before as the super volcano erupting. The transits [entry dates] according to Vedic astrology in 2012 are Jupiter [17/05/2012] and Mercury [21/05/2012] will be in Tarrus, Mars in Virgo [21/06/2012] and Venus in Cancer [01/09/2012], all these planets are closely aligned in 2012.Capricorn is the sign of the fall of Jupiter.

Le trembelment fi fort au mois de May,
Saturne,Caper,Jupiter,Mercure au beup,
Venus auffi Cancer, Mars en Nonnay,
Tombera greffe lors plus groffe qu’vn euf.
A very great trembling in the month of
May, Saturn in Capricon,Jupiter and
Mercury in Tarrus, Venus in Cancer, Mars
In Virgo and hails will fall bigger than egg.

Most of the Prophecies of Nostradamus are in a code language, if one looks at the Quatrain below the exact dating through astrology is difficult. This could be because the astrological formula followed by Nostradamus was different from that of today. One thing is clear there is going to be no doomsday nor is the earth going to end, as Nostradamus was clear that there will be NO END ON 21 DECEMBER 2012 or for that matter anywhere in the next few thousand years. This appears to be a challenge thrown by Nostradamus to astrologers to interpret the exact dates.

6 -100
Quos legent hosce versus mature censunto,
Profanum vulgus & inscium ne attrectato;
Omnesq, Astrologi Blemee, Barbari procul sunto,
Qui aliter facit, is rite sacer esto.
May those who read this verse think upon it deeply,
Let the profane and ignorant herd keep away ,
Let all  astrologers, idiots and barbarians stay away ,
He who does otherwise, let him be priest to the rite .


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