Powerful Mantra to Exorcise Evil Spirits - 3

This here is an easy to recite and practice Protection Mantra to remove evil spirits and energies from ones body and surroundings. This is a "Bhoot nashak" or a “Ghost destroyer” mantra dedicated to the mother Goddess Kali.

This mantra has to be recited continuously 108 times to remove and defeat evil spirits and energies.

Om namo kali kapali dahi dahi swaha ll
ॐ नमो काली कपाली दही दही स्वाहा ll

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  1. Neel Sir,
    Can these evil ghosts or even Demon have the faculty to cause obstacles to our performing Sadhana? If that is the reason for our repeated failure in Tantra Sadhana, is the mantra mentioned above the best choice for a Kali Devi devotee to fix the problem? Or should we recite a Kali mantra like "Om Kreem Kalikayai Namah" by prescribing the days and number of chants by ourselves and making a Sankalpa asking the Devi to help us attain success in any Sadhana to be performed in the coming days? Please suggest, Sir. I really need some good advice. Thank you.

    1. The above Mantra and also the one mentioned by you are powerful to stop disturbances.
      Chant any of these Mantras for 1 Mala before commencing the Mantra Experiment and after that pray to Kali Mata for success in the Mantra Sadhana.
      There is no need to do anything more.

  2. I want to ask you a question is there any kind of mantra that is from the goddess Kali to charge energy and convert objects to sacred and consecrated objects?

    1. These are very advanced Mantras, will try to post one, if I find it suitable in the near future.

  3. please a need to activate a goddess kali brass statue i would appreciate that , thank you .

    1. Depends on which country you live in, if in a western country, then bathe the statue in fresh drinking water and keep it on an altar and light an oil lamp and incense stick in front of it every day.
      That should be enough, life in breathed in a statue by the faith of the devotee.

  4. I face sleep paralysis on regular basis. May I recite this Mantra daily 11 times after chanting of Mahamirtunjay Mantra and Gaytri Mantra.

    1. The Mantra as per the post will become effective after chanting it 108 times, you can chant it after the mantras mentioned by you.

  5. Hello,

    I chant the following mantra 108times daily : Om Kalvanay Vidmahe Mahakopay Dhimahi Tanno Bhadra Prachodayat to remove and protect from black magic. is it the right mantra?


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