Mantra to overcome failures

Very often it so happens that no matter how hard one tries, one encounters failures at every step. It might be that your vibrations simply do not match the vibrations of the things you aspire for.

This here is a unique Mantra which is said to remove sorrows and put your life back on the right track. This mantra has to be recited preferably early in the morning after having a bath for 108 times. I have been told that doing so works wonders.

Along with this mantra it has been prescribed that on a Friday one should if one has the money feed a hungry person. Very often the blessings from the bottom of someone’s heart work wonders, but care should be taken that you do not do so intentionally to gain that persons blessing.

Om yagapati yagakushi vapram vapramkushi
Pratiksha bhavanti bhavanti l
ॐ यज्ञापती यज्ञकुशी वप्र वप्रांकुशी
प्रतिक्षा भवंति भवंति ll

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