Ancient Hindu remedy to defeat enemies

This is an ancient Hindu remedy to overcome enemies and take away their strength and power. This remedy is from the Atharva Veda. This can be also interpreted as a mantra. The Atharva Veda is the ancient Hindu religious scripture, which was compiled in the Vedic period. This text gives numerous remedies on everyday problems; these problems are relevant even today.

These texts were written in the Sanskrit text. The remedies in this text are from what I have gathered are the power of the spoken word. The spoken word if originating from the sub-conscious and beyond it, that is from the pure Silence , which lies before the senses. This is how curses and blessing work, it the nothing but the energy released by the spoken word arising from the deepest part of the sub-conscious and beyond.

This is an ancient remedy, which is said to overcome enemies, take away their energy, and will. This will work only if you believe from the bottom of your heart that you have been wronged for no fault of yours. The translation from the original verse is my own, I have tried to interpret it as best as I could.

Just as the rising sun takes away the shine of the stars.
So will I take away the power of those that hate me.
No matter how strong the enemy is,
I will take on those who are against me.
I will take away their strength,
The same way the sun takes away the strength of those in sleep

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  1. Guruji,can I have the mantra in sanskrit please.Chanting mantra in sanskrit could evolve a better indepth feeling is what I feel.If im right,kindly support me.Thanking you a tonne for all your honourable service to all of us.

  2. can i have the mantra in hindi or sanskrit?

  3. This is a Vedic verse, you can chant the translation given as it could also prove to be effective.

  4. Where is the Mantra, removed?

  5. thank you for nice and helpful information.people can get some more important and helpful information through the

    you can see more related videos on

  6. How many times do we have to chant this mantra.

  7. Dear Sir,
    Can you please give the mantra

  8. Sir, please share Sanskrit version also. I want to study that for my interest & quest, if not here then please on my email. I will be greatful.
    my hearty regards..


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