Mantra to ensure smooth pregnancy

This is a mantra which is prescribed to ensure a trouble free pregnancy. To use this mantra one has to take clean drinking water in a small and clean utensil.

This mantra has to be recited 21 times, while reciting this mantra the water in the utensil has to be sprinkled with your middle finger. Then this water is to be given to drink to the woman who is going for pregnancy. It is said that doing this ensures smooth pregnancy.

Om muktapasha vimuktasha mukta suryasha rashmay: l
Mukta sarvabhayadarshak O madhir madhir swaha ll
ॐ मुक्तापाशा विमुक्ताशा मुक्ता सुर्यशा रश्मय:l
मुक्ता सर्वभयादर्शक ओ माधिर माधिर स्वाहा ll

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