What is Silence

Pure silence is what is advocated by most techniques of meditation or yoga. But to put it into practice one has to first understand what this silence which everyone talks about really is and what it means. Each and everyone lives life by the dictates of the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

What we see and visualize of the world outside our being is nothing but a projection of the senses, it is just like a movie you see on the screen, what comes out is what is stored in the projector.

The senses function only on the basis of what is stored in the mind or memory and nothing else. This memory has layers and layers to it, till one reaches the inner most or the deepest part. After one reaches the deepest part, the next level is pure silence or what is termed the state of nothingness. Here one has to remember there is no such thing as nothingness, simply because for nothingness to exist there has to be a state call something or everything.

This state of nothingness has often been called the state of realization or Duality. This is the state when the existence of the self is merged into the Ever-Existent. This is the state of ‘I am’ where the self realize that only it exists and nothing else. The self has merged with everything and become everything.

This is the state, which most meditation and yogic techniques want to take the practitioner to. It is this silence, which transcends the senses. So the end goal of the meditation is to transcend the senses. This has to be fully understood by the person engaged in meditation, as to what he really is trying to achieve.

When one fully realizes clearly, without being confused by the technical jargon and symbols, which are used to describe this state, then half the work is done. The next half is achieving it. When one fully understand this it sinks down to the sub-conscious mind, which then knows what, is expected of it.

Truly realized persons speak of something that is even beyond the state of Non-Duality, that the Non-Dual state is not the final frontier of the seeker. There is no such thing as the final state, for the more you know, there will always remain what is unknown. The unknown exists only because there is something called the known.

Also what has to be kept in mind that the experiences in the Non-Dual state will be your own individual experiences and not what you have heard about some other person. It is your own individual Universe, which you are trying to experience by transcending the senses.


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