Powerful Devi Mantra

In Hinduism Narayani is one of the names by which the Divine mother or the mother Goddess is known by. In Shaktism the feminine form of the Divine is worshipped as the Ever-Existent and the all encompassing.

This is one such most powerful mantra recited to appease the mother Goddess. This mantra is a Sarva karya Siddhi Mantra.or a mantra for success in all venture.To attain mastery over the mantra, it has to be recited 100,000 times.

Doing so assures one of the eradication of all sorrows in life.

Sharnagatdinate,paritran parayaje
Sarvasyaavihare devi,narayani namostute ll

शरणागतदिनाते,परित्राण परायजे
सर्वस्याविहरे देवि, नारायणि नमोस्तुते ll

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  1. Sir we need to chant it 1 lakh times in one sitting or we can complete it over a period of days?

    1. Yes you can most certainly chant the Devi Mantra over a period of time.

  2. Just one last query sir.
    Are we required to take this mantra from a guru and also perform other formalities such as a homa etc required in other mantras?
    Or we can simply chant it with devotion to be sucessfull?
    Thank you....

    1. For this Mantra there is no such requirement only faith, sincerity and devotion are the main requirements.

  3. neel N guru jee
    is there any mantra to chant daily and gain extra ordinary mental power to read a book once and learn every line of that book

    if there is please please tell me

  4. यह मन्त्र श्रीदुर्गा सप्तशती का भाग है .सप्तशती के प्रारम्भ में ही सप्त श्लोकी दुर्गा स्तोत्र है ,
    जिसका चौथा श्लोक यह मन्त्र है .मन्त्र में कुछ प्रिंटिंग की त्रुटियाँ हैं .मन्त्र यों है --
    शरणागत दीनार्त परित्राण परायणे ,सर्वस्यार्ति हरे देवि नारायणि नमोS स्तु ते


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