There a great frenzy going on and on about the end of the world on 21st December 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar which ends on that day, the Mayans were an ancient civilization which existed mostly in Mexico and spread to other South American countries like Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras, this civilization existed over a time span from 250AD till about 900AD.These were a civilized people who were skilled in astronomy and kept various types of calendars according to their convenience,21st December 2012 marks the end of the baktun cycle of the long count calendar.

Mayan Calendar 3D Artwork
Mayan Calendar 3D
The Long Count calendar kept time in units of 20, hence 20 days made a unial, 18 uinals, or 360 days, made a tun, 20 tuns made a katun, and 20 katuns, or 144,000 days, made up a baktun. After 13 baktuns, the baktun place resets and the count moves to a higher order. Hence, the Mayan date of represents 8 baktuns, 3 katuns, 2 tuns, 10 uinals and 15 days since creation. Today, the most widely interpretation correlations of the end of the thirteenth baktun, or Mayan date, with the Western calendar is 21 December 2012. This cycle is said to last 5,125 years and ends on 21st December 2012, The Long Count calendar set its "time zero" at a point in the past marking the end of the previous world and the beginning of the current one, which corresponds to 11th August 3114 BC,

Now a simple observation did the world end previously on 11th August 3114 BC for the new world to emerge, there is no evidence to suggest otherwise, what I mean in simple terms does the world end every 5125 years for a old cycle to end and a new one to begin.

My observations are that every change in cycles will mark a change in the evolution of mankind the thinking process and consciousness will experience a change in the forward direction towards the ultimate journey, which is only known to time.
21 December 2012 3D Image Artwork
21 December 2012 3D Image

I now present a quatrain of Nostradamus which does not see the world ending anywhere in the near future, the prophecies of Nostradamus have for time and again been proved to be fulfilled I request you to read the various prophecies made by Nostradamus about which I have written.
Vingt ans du regne de la Lune paffez,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra fa monarchie:
Quand le Soleil prendra fes iours laffez:
Lors accomplit & mine ma prophetie.
When twenty years of the reign of the Moon have passed,
For seven thousand years another will hold the rule,
When the Sun takes up the rule for the final cycle,
Then my prophecy and sightings will be accomplished.

This quatrain of Nostradamus describes a period of twenty years in the moons cycle, which will be a period of great destruction, wars and calamities for the world. After this period Nostradamus sees a change in the human consciousness as the cycle of the sun begins which he sees lasting for seven thousand years, Nostradamus say through this quatrain that his prediction cover a period of seven thousand years he does not say that the world will end after seven thousand years.

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  1. Great post. I don't know if 2012 is the end of everything but I think it will bring some sort of major change for humanity. Weather this is change by disaster or change by mass consciousness I have yet to figure out. It could be a combination of both.

    I thought you may have been interested in these links here. The one goes to a wiki about a scientist/ethnobotanist named Terence McKenna, and another goes to a guys site who has researched this gentleman's work. If you don't like the links just delete this reply.

    According to this mans theory , he came up with a mathematical algorithm that maps the ebb and flow of novelty throughout history. During the high points man has achieved great and positive things, during it low points man has achieved terrible things.

    The software that the gentleman designed is called time wave zero. Its a very interesting program and you may want to check it out.

    As the program maps history it points out all kinds of major disasters , wars, and some of our greatest achievements. On Dec. 21 2012 the program falls off the charts , meaning an apparent major catastrophe of epic proportions. I find it more than coincidence that this programs end date is the same as the mayan calender.

    You may want to research this further it appears to be right up your alley.

  2. It's the dawning of Aquarius.....??

  3. Hi Porphet.
    Yes i do agree that the world won`t end ,but there will be great destruction and the world as we know it won´t be no longer.If it will be war or natural or a combination of both i don´t know.

  4. Please cocentrate and enjoy the present moment.Forget about 2012....
    God bless.


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