Mantra for Adverse Moon [Chandra]

An adverse and inauspicious position of the Moon [Chandra] is one of the reasons for mental instability and many connected mental problems like anxiety, helplessness, despair, a feeling of being lost and all round tension and fear of almost anything.

The usual symptoms of a malefic and harmful Moon are mental instability, pain or discomfort in the stomach, dreaming of women or fear from water. In this post is given a special experiment derived from the Lal Kitab combined with a Moon Mantra can be practice on the day of Purnima[ Full Moon] to rectify the harmful effects of the adverse position of the  planet Moon in the horoscope or a adverse transit of the Moon.

A Hindu Mantra to Pacify a Harmful Moon in the Horoscope
Mantra for Adverse Moon [Chandra]

On the day of Purnima a small root of the Khair tree [botanical name - Senegalia catechu] should be wrapped in a Pure White Piece of Cloth and tied like an Talisman around the neck. This Sadhana has to be done in the evening.

While wrapping and tying the Talisman around the neck and after the Talisman has been tied around the neck, the Moon Mantra given here has to be chanted.  The root can be kept tied around the neck for a few day and then immersed in a flowing water body. This experiment to pacify the Moon can be repeated on any Purnima if needed.

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