Puranic Guru Mantra Prayog for Marriage

The Puranic Guru Mantra can be of great benefit to those with delayed marriages, those who are unable to get married due to any kind of obstacles, love marriages delayed due to family opposition and most other problems coming in the way of someone getting married. This Guru Mantra removes the malefic energies generated by adverse planets, adverse planetary transits and inauspicious Yogas in the horoscope.

The marriage aspirant should keep a fast on Thursday and in the morning chant this Guru Mantra 121 times using any kind of Counting Mala.  Then any one of the Daan items he or she desires to donate should  be worshipped by offering the item Dhoop/ Agarbatti, Diya of Pure Cow Ghee and some Gandham and Yellow Colored flowers.

Ancient Jupiter Mantra from the Puranas for removing difficulties in getting married
Puranic Guru Mantra
Any one of these Daan [Alms] items can be donated to a needy person. The Daan items given below are the ancient Vedic Daan for the planet Jupiter. The quantity of the items number 2 to 6 depends upon the financial position of the donor.
19,000 grains of Gold
Yellow Colored piece of cloth or clothing
Whole Bengal Gram
Yellow Colored Flowers

This is a onetime Mantra Sadhana, which apart from the marriage related problems can also remove other obstacles like money and job related obstacles.

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