Future Cable Lifts carry Ocean Water in Space

The proposed huge high orbiting Cyl & Ring Seas would require huge amounts of ocean water volumes. If a load vessel in the geostationary cable lift could raise an effective 20m cube of water up into a high Earth orbit, all the water for the proposed orbiting seas could cost 18,000,000 loads! If 1 such load/hour, that's about 750,000 days = 2050 years! Wow!

But could many lifts with lots more lift vessels be formed around the world? These would be robotically formed from parts formed from refined materials on the selected special source asteroids. Many more such special asteroids could be chosen from those by now known likely to be among some of the best usable ones in the main asteroid belt between Mars' & Jupiter's orbits. Cost should be low, most being for programing and monitoring what robots must do for us on such asteroids. Robots don't want any payments. High orbiting settlers, benefitting from such very big artificial orbiting seas should be quite happy to take care of all related subtask needs monitoring such huge projects.

Where best to have more geostationary cable lifts anchored? A few nations had been showing interest in obtaining such geostationary cable lifts for their future uses. The best places needed to be a proper distance North or South from the equator, to stay out of the paths of equator orbiting satellites. The early rocket launching site at Cape Canaveral Florida was on a small close island just East from that state of USA, about at longitude 80.56W, latitude 28.39N. That's about 3155km (1960.5mi) north of the equator, much farther north than required.

Places having usable coasts near the ocean at least 5deg or 500km above &/or below the equator are S. America and Africa, also Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philappines, Cuba, and Micronesia islands. If having such an anchoring site at least at such distances north or south from the equator, that could be more than enough to stay well out of the paths of equator orbiting satellites.

Also there are a number of small islands around Earth at good usable distances from our equator. They could also be used as anchoring sites. Since materials would be prepared and sent from robotic refining & parts forming asteroids, this would let any such islands, maybe 500-1000km from our equator, become quite usable as geostationary cable lift anchoring sites. Robots on such asteroids controled by the managing group for the high orbiting settlements won't care. Robots simply properly freely do anything they are remotely programed to do! Our high orbiting settlers would monitor their progress.

Thus in maybe a century or less, enough ocean water could be lifted out for both huge Cyl & Ring Seas!

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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