Future Geostationary Cable Life Schemed

The investors group which had established the two high orbiting settlements, decided it would be helpful, to more approved folks, to much more cheaply get up off Earth by having robotically made and sent out from some of their robotic refining and constructions asteroids, all needed to form a geostationary height cable lift. It would become able to lift things off Earth much cheaper than by past costly multistage rockets.

At geostationary height, (5.62 * Earth radius 6371km), a good living and working station would be formed available for space researchers and technicians to enjoy living up there for months or even years. All would be weightless up there, with the station orbiting once daily around Earth. Centrifugal force would then cancel Earth's weakened gravity at that height. If workers wanted to sometimes have some effective weight, such as for some exercising, the station could contain an internal not fast spinning cylinder ring exercising floor.

Food could be easily grown in internal effective farms cylinders. Special robots could take care of growing good varieties of vegetarian food. (Or if at times folks living for months up here craved a little meat, it could be cable lifted at low cost.)

Up at 3 times more than geostationary orbit height would be the cable system's counterweight, massive enough so its greater outward centrifugal force would provide needed forces to get things below lifted up the long strong cable lift.

Additional cable lift stations for working, also now comfortably larger, for better uncrowded happy daily living, could be formed and cable attached to the very long strong cable at different close heights. Thus more space research workers, now maybe with some beloved family members, could nicely enjoy living together in cable lift stations, with all cable things turning around Earth once each day. Having some family members with you would be much more affordable than in the past having had to pay high rocket costs needing costly special formed vessels to later glide back to Earth to return to homes. Descending later back down to Earth would now very nicely even give back to the cable lift system good regenerated reusable energy!

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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