If a Risky Asteroid is not located

Finding and locating asteroids wasn't simply some cute game. If not all the not too little asteroids became located, which at least sometimes orbited between Venus and Mars, try to then imagine some 100m sports field park sized one deflected from far away some future century, then getting pulled in to Earth, ulitimately crashing in, able to turn some town into a smashed crater. It could happen. Who would ever want to see that happen anywhere?

Yes, you might find some highly devoted conservative worshipers of God (Allah, Jahveh) saying that that should only be left up to Him to possibly block from happening to some town, but only if it had long been well populated by very highly loyal dedicated worshipers of Him. But isn't that awfully heartless and uncaring? Why should God (Allah, Jahveh) be so endlessly obsessed with demanding loyal worship of Him, on threat of killing many of us?

Most asteroids were under .1km size, not easy to discover. But since there were so many, in contrast to bigger asteroids easier to see, this meant it was best to not stop searching, but to continue seeking and locating ever more such not big asteroids.

Most everyone was pleased that the investors group responsible for the two high orbitting settlements, much helped by some high orbiting settlers scheming this, had begun this special Earth protective extra extensive robotic project at no charge to anyone else. (Thus what they were paying for was in fact helpfully earning them all quite nice general good will.) So they were contented to not stop with only the really big asteroids, but to keep paying the low special telescopes costs needed to continue this asteroids locating scheme.

It was decided it would also be good to have robotic minima sent to some asteroids having more elliptic orbits, to refine surface materials suitable to fuel ion jets to gradually adjust their orbits more circular. Then they would become increasingly simpler for any space probe vessels etc. to safely avoid in the future. Also they would then nicely become at less risk of knocking other asteroids and possibly knocking one to eventually strike Earth.

While improving orbits more circular, any orbit tilt from the planetary disk could also be usefully reduced to zero. Then anything in the future sent a bit above or below the planetary disk would cleanly miss such asteroids.

After such orbit improvements, if on a suitable good sized asteroid good for future uses, and not too far outside Mars' orbit, then more could be sent to produce expanded robotic capacity to maybe do more things in the future, such as becoming a fresh asteroid source for sending robotically prepared loads later to other places.

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