Lal Kitab Remedy for Spendthrift Husbands

This is a specific Lal Kitab Remedy for Spendthrift Husbands.  This paranormal remedy is for those wives whose husbands are incurring wasteful and unnecessary expenditure, throwing about money, and spending it extravagantly as if there is no tomorrow.

Such behavior is not uncommon and could be due to being under the influence of bad company or being addicted to vices like gambling, lottery, races and other such games of chance or it might even be due to a character defect in the husband.

This Totka has to be practiced on any day at least once a month. There are two things the wife of the spendthrift has to do on this day.

1] Cook some nice food; including a sweet dish with her own hands and the give it to a girl below the age of nine to eat.

2] Give some money as alms to a person belonging to the Transgender Sex [commonly known as a Hijra or Kinnar in India].

The Totka is to be practiced until the husband mends his way and begins spending money sensibly or becomes free from his vices.

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