Evolving New Life in Orbit

The good skilled safely liberal thinking biochemistry researchers were quite happy to now be easily living and working up here, instead of down on full gravity Earth, where such living cost much more, while sometimes having excessive conservative government restrictions on what they had been allowed to try.

Exploiting even better the good few special bigger cylinders for genetics R&D (research & development) labs + homes to sometimes improve cures and controls against the many old infectuous diseases down on Earth, some good researchers even had some fun in their free time exploring possibilities to intelligently modify and evolve a few new interesting life varieties, a few in fact becoming somewhat playfully better than old Earth pets. These offered some quite intrigueing possibilities which several settlers enjoyed helping contribute some time to weekly. Also some of them then thought up some new ideas to try. No need up here to confine evolution to just old very slow crude simple random natural limited evolution.

Some had fun also improving some flowering plants, giving them more beautiful sweet smelling flowers, good for decorating better the inner shared yards sections of homes cylinders. Also some gradually became able to partly modify some butterflies to become good to keep well drawn hungry for such sweet flowers to feed from in such yards. Such pretty colorful butterflies could be genetically revised to mature bigger having more pretty colorful wings good for easy slow flying in the fractional weights inside homes cylinders. No one was opposed to allowing them kept safely inside homes cylinders. (Of course such butterflies couldn't open any outer door to then strangely fly out uselessly into the Fullball world's primary atmosphere volume. Also these were being genetically refined more prone to stay better contented with daily easy safe living just within the interiors of homes cylinders.)

Also more became possible up here for a few trial new or improved animals. Thanks to the few big new genetics R&D cylinders, giving good homes and labs to the genetics experts moving up from Earth, some such experts, aided by their liberal helpers, tried a few other possibilities for fresh nice cute intelligently evolved maybe even playful kinds of life, which folks could enjoy coming to watch, safely raised contained within the few new big labs cylinders.

Later, some nice colorful little fish were intelligently evolved with much reduced aging, good then for some settlers to have in aquaria in their homes.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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