Fighting Infections in Future Space

The new lab cylinders provided for the genetics R&D experts to move into, in the high orbiting Fullball world settlement, had been very nicely provided with many robotically quite well produced special useful things, such as microscopes, a good variety of modern biochemistry testing, experimenting, and analyzing equipment, and lots more.

So those moving up could do very elaborate biochemical R&D safer than down on Earth, which had too many intrusive conservative foes much opposed against any genetic advances which could significantly alter new humans to become ever healthier while aging less, progressively leaving behind those believers' much loved ego inflating doctrines of Divine God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Proudly proclaimed Perfect Intelligent Design of Soulful Humans, believed by them to have made us uniquely advanced far superior beyond all other life forms.

Sometimes such R&D experts would do like past Earth human health experts, and find or make weakened infectuous disease varieties more vulnerable to some normal body disease eliminating responses. These could thus let such inoculated folks avoid or eliminate similar future infections, (such as had been done in the past to try reducing or eliminating polio, also some other diseases which had long harmed humans far back into prehistory times). The R&D experts were quite happily helped by several settlers having backgrounds partly related to such work, while having plenty of free time they could offer. Also very good capable robots and robotic equipment up here nicely made it cheaper and easier for the R&D experts than expensively slaving away as in the past down on Earth.

Several settlers were contented to also volunteer to try some experimental drugs being safely developed, or try some tentative new conceived treatments. Also they liked to assist looking after and caring for the experimental special animals and plants. This nicely reduced some tedious work tasks for the biochemistry R&D experts or their staff. Thus the experts gained more time to enjoy concentrating on devising new or better ways to fight past diseases.

Several such experimental animals were safely very protectively confined unable to spread any trial natural or modified diseases outside their good enclosures. Settlers in the high orbiting settlements keeping them living had been tested for several old existing infectious diseases, which had helpfully been eliminated in them before they had been accepted to leave Earth. This had properly kept daily living safer up here for all other settlers.

More ways were improved to fight some other infectuous bacteria and viruses. Often an altered weaker version was infected into someone which one's normal biology was able to gradually overcome while nicely also building resistance against any usually more infectuous versions sickening ordinary people.

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