Disease Resistance Genes in Future

While combating diseases, some human genetics experts on Earth of course found that some folks had better human gene versions for resisting some diseases. Such experts wished they could replace these into many folks having weak diseases resisting versions.

Also extensive genetics analyses by a few such experts were able to isolate additional naturally evolving gene versions which could sometimes be found. Each person produces lots of special cells becoming sperms or ova, (most all of which will die without ever joining into a fertile ovum). And a few such cells suffer some genetic alteration such as from some highly energetic cosmic radiation speeding through them. On rare occasions, such a genetic alteration may in fact be helpful for better slowly evolving descendants.

Ways had been getting very well developed to duplicate many cells and have speedily completely analyzed their cell chromosomes DNA. Exploiting them, a few such genetics experts devised ways to automatically analyze even millions of cells for sperms and ova, with possibly a few naturally altered genes found which might in rare cases reveal possibly better new genetic versions which might be used for future healthier &/or longer living people.

This began permitting a few such experts to find natural genetic variations, a rare few of which would prove to give better healthy disease or age combatting genetics. On Earth, universities or genetics R&D (research & development) institutes or companies employing such experts unsurprisingly made it possible for anyone questioning the work of such experts to adequately verify that all such found evolving human genetics versions were purely natural, thus keeping them safe from some religious conservative foes violently opposed against any new schemed artificial genetics alterations stepping too far outside any natural existing human genetics.

Some genetics experts developed ways able to replace old poor performing genes with superior discovered versions. If God (Allah, Jahveh) didn't like that, then please explain why He had long ago produced natural ways in our cosmos where genes occasionally get naturally altered from starting versions? Would any proud believers in Him ever dare try argueing that He had somehow been too stupid or too badly uncaring, when designing our universe, to have naturally unstable gradually slowly evolving genetic life, including within humans?

Unsurprisingly, some genetics experts up in the high orbiting settlements replicated this advancement method to become useful for more than a few settlers loving to try gaining, maybe several times while they lived, some new on-Earth discovered natural human genetics versions proving good for improved healthier longer living. Why not? Let people prefer gaining nicely much healthier longer happier living new young!

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