Political Future Predictions of India

Predicting the political future of India is not as easy as it appears. Most people claiming to be futurologists depend a lot upon the laws of probability, they do not see the deeper meaning behind what is going on in India at the present moment of time. I had in the past interpreted a lot of prophecies made by various prophets like Nostradamus and also some predictions based on my own astrological calculations.

It would be an understatement to say that there is a lot of churning going on in the Indian social system. There has been a population explosion in India, with over half the population below the age of 25. India will after 10 years overtake China as the most populated place in the world, if this growth remains unchecked by the forces of nature.

Coming back to the political predictions, it has to be understood that a population of 1.25 Billion, having deeps social and political divisions, emits a huge amount of energy, in thought forms every minute into the atmosphere. These diverse energies, at loggerheads, with each other, clash in the atmosphere, leading to an atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty.

The future is dynamic, ever changing, and not static, as most people would like to believe. Apart from the population, the geographical location, meaning the land, that comprises nations, has its own specific vibratory frequencies, which shape the future of a nation. This is why one often observes that history has a tendency to keep on repeating itself at regular intervals.

One hopes that the past does not repeat itself in some form or the other in the near or far off future, even as the probabilities remain high, given the history of India, over the past several centuries.  To know the future, one has to look in the past and the past of India is one of infighting and deep divisions, eventually leading to foreign rule and domination.


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