Lal Kitab Remedy to Increase Savings

This is a remedy from the Lal Kitab Remedy for people who in spite of earning a lot of money are unable to retain any of it and increase their savings.  Such people also experience that they are unable to control their expenses and the unnecessary and wasteful outflow of money.

This paranormal remedy should be practiced on a Tuesday.  The practitioner should take some the following ingredients-
A Piece of Rakta Chandana [Red Sandalwood]
A Few Red Roses
A Piece of Kali Haldi [Black Turmeric]
A piece of Red Colored Cloth

Wrap the first 3 ingredients given above in the piece of Red Cloth, to make a small bundle. Then take this bundle to the temple of your favored Deity and keep it there for 1 week.

After 1 week bring the bundle, back to your home and offer Agarbatti/Dhoop/Deep to the bundle. After this say a small prayer to you favored Deity that your saving and wealth should be increased and wasteful and unneeded expenditure should stop, with the blessings and grace of the Deity.

Then finally keep the bundle in the cash safe or place where you keep your money in your home, shop or office.

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  1. Hi,

    You have mentioned that we have to keep the bundle in the temple.. how should we keep it, I mean should we hide it in the temple or we have to give it to poojari there? please explain in detail..


  2. sir,
    You have mentioned that, we have to keep the bundle in the temple. How do we do that.. I mean do we have to keep it there without anybodies notice, or should we inform the temples pujari and give it to him to keep it in the temple.. Please advise sir.. I had asked you about it long time back, but I did not get any reply. Sir Im not asking you to advise me on any agohri mantras to harm another person. This is a simple ritual to protect my earnings. Im really need to do it as soon as possible.. Thanks in advance

    1. You will have explain and take the permission of the Pujari, if you do not do that, then the bundle might get misplaced or removed.


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