Future Sexual Activity in Outer Space

Gaining ever more free time from their easy improved living up here, more high orbiting settlers debated more things they could spend ever more free time on. Some created some new entertainments others could watch and enjoy. Some had fun devising new puzzles or creating interesting challenging mental games.

Settlers enjoyed giving time to enjoy these and more, often with mates or new young or with friends. They were agreeing that it was fine to leave tedious tasks to serving robotic devices. Then they would enjoy, more and more, their ever easier robotically well served living.

Sex simply for pleasure was another good way to easily much enjoy ever more happy free time, similar to a number of Earth adults. Avoiding unwanted pregnancies was quite easy. And with much more free time up here, they could expand this beyond shorter sex on Earth. Also up here was often nicer for sex, being at only fractional Earth surface weights.

Sometimes they would enjoy almost childish fun with others in weightless net play cages between homes cylinders. They could playfully toss things between them, even small balls, since the net had holes about thumb sized. They might swing around with a friend to be let go to bounce into the net and bounce back. They might play touch tag in here with others. It didn't take long for whoever was "it" to touch someone else to become the new giggly "it" person.

There were frequent good friendly sometimes playful parties, often in one's own homes cylinder, maybe in the cylinder's quite light weights central play area. Giggly children could be tossed across for someone else to catch and maybe toss back across to someone else. Some might be watching wide view TV together here, from news to entertainments series.

It was so easy to jump out from one's outer balcony ring to air swim to new friends nearby also having lots of free time. Such happy relaxed robotically well served easy living was certainly much nicer than laboring down on Earth.

Some robotically farmed, distributed, and then prepared genetically improved food plants were being given flavors plus nutrients similar to some good tasty meat or fish. This kept most settlers more contented to not need any food animal varieties to be raised up here.

Most all had become quite happy to daily have such easy relaxed very enjoyable lives up here. And it was nice being surrounded by ever more nice folks likewise quite liberal thinking. Who should want to have to struggle any more with Earth required often tedious laboring jobs?

(more doable ideas Wednesday?) Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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