Future Space World Homes

Folks recently lifted up the cable lift, to reach the high orbiting settlements, (at about 1% the cost of using any past rocket lifts), were mostly contented with the way homes had been robotically provided. Most such Fullball world homes were in suspended multilevel homes cylinders having 5 pairs of homes levels all around both cylinder ends. Such homes cylinders were thus slightly effectively like old Earth city blocks maybe having 2 level homes along their 4 sides, and similarly having inner joined yards here between homes. Here these usually had 5 twin 2m high (6'7") levels, with normally pair-level homes out around at both ends of the cylinder. The central 4 "levels" were an open play park.

If homes efficiently share adjacent walls, to each have about width 12.5m (41') from a level pair's circumference, (with a 2m (6.56') passageway between the adjacent lower levels of each pair), then the 5 actual pairs of homes levels nicely allowed 5 7 9 11 & 13 2-level homes around each cylinder end. If a homes cylinder rotates in 17s, (to provide most comfortable 1/4 earth weight between middle homes 2 levels), then at the middle heights in the 5 pairs of homes levels, for a homes cylinder spinning once in 17s) this gives weights at belly levels (shown here as factors times Earth surface weights) of .125 & .153, .181 & .209, .237 & .265, .293 & .321, .348 & .376, thus comfortably very light weights in all homes levels. (The inner 8m play area gave about at 1m belly height playfully nice easy .098 of Earth surface full weights.)

The central interior of the homes levels, between the 2-level homes inner ends, had joined yards areas, often with numerous genetically improved never too tall fruit trees and bushes, with frequent great tasting big fruits, (thanks to being quite light-weight here), genetically improved to give superior nutrition. If a tree had fruit out of reach, your low weight from the cylinder rotation would let you jump to grab it.

The central 2 twin (4) levels was an open volume 8m radius play volume. You and children could jump up to its weightless center axis to have some fun lightly air swimming around weightless against the not fast cylinder rotation, merely using your hands or opened hand fans. Or you could jump across, then jump back. Children could jump, or be tossed up to near the cylinder's spin axis, like maybe for fun with others air swimming. Weights would then decline to near 0 near the axis. A giggly child could also be tossed slightly faster to be caught on the far side by someone else, (or to simply land there).

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