Future Air Swimming in Outer Space - 2

Most of the time while air swimming, you'd simply float relaxed, effortlessly drifting head up toward some wanted likely not too far away destination. Folks on Earth could jealously envy you for gaining such easier travel than slow walking, for shorter distances thanks to a 3D filled volume Fullball Balloon world, (vs. spread out Earth surface-only places being at ever much farther distances away from you).

The Fullball world sizes population chart (I'd given 2011 11/02) had guessed ~100 settlers per 200m cube. For the inner 1/2 radius (which has settlers in homes), that's 1 person per 13.4m radius sphere.) If having 20 good friends among 2,000 surrounding settlers, then all these 2,000 could be spread within a sphere of radius 168.4m, not too much beyond the diagonal span of a sports park.

Air swimming would most conveniently nicely leave air unpolluted, (unlike past fuel burning smoke exhausting cars, trucks, etc. down on old Earth). Finally, while gliding in to grab maybe a balcony post at your destination, quickly compactly fold the air scoops' long rods and collapsed umbrella ends, and swing into the balcony. Then these can be easily stuck somewhere for later use. Later, to go somewhere else in such a 3D Fullball balloon world, after jumping out from your home with the compactly folded collapsed air scoops, as you drift away, quickly unfold them, get your arms stuck into the arms ends loops, then easily air swim away!

Thus in a 3D balloon world, no need, simply floating outside any homes or other cylinder, for costly Earth cars and daily travel to places spread far wider apart under full Earth gravity down on Earth surface-only places. Serving robots would also easily simply air swim, bringing to you all wanted food and robotically manufactured goods, or carry more to your home cylinder using one of the available battery powered internal air fans lightly propelled light vessels parked outside it.

If a good robot (or sometimes even you) had used an available vessel for bringing you lots of things you needed or would want, all would have been easily stuffed into a net. Put the net (weightless) outside the vessel. (Then let the good vessel propel itself to a parking place between nearby homes cylinders.)

This netted collection would be taken (weightless) to one of your homes cylinder's elevators, to be safely strapped inside it. Strapping things to one side is best, since once descending to reach your level, the elevator would otherwise make all in it first lightly float (weightless) up to the ceiling. And the homes cylinder's rotation would also propel all to one side while all gained the increasing rotation speed lower in the homes cylinder.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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