Chamunda Mantra to Shut Enemy Mouth

The mouth can more often than not do more damage than the sword. Many people fear those enemies who are likely to destroy their reputations by spread false and defamatory rumors about them or blackmailers, wanting something in return, for keeping their mouth shut. The Hindu Mantra Science of remote enemy annihilation includes the Stambhan or Immobilization Tantra, which is known to remotely remove all kinds of enemies from ones surroundings. In this post is given another one of the Stambhan Mantra and the Tantra to put it to practical use.

This mantra invokes the Mother Goddess Chamunda Mata, hence Mastery over the Mantra is essential. Siddhi is gained by chanting the Mantra 100,000 times. While chanting the Mantra, the Sadhak has to do a Smaran [remembrance] of Chamunda Mata.

A Hindu spell to shut the mouth of enemies
After gaining Siddhi, the Mantra can be used to shut the mouth of an enemy by the following Tantra – A piece of the root of the Palash Tree [flame of the forest tree] has to be wrapped in a Palm Leaf. Then this wrapped root has to be infused by chanting the Stambhan Mantra 3 times. Here the word “Amuk” should be replaced by the enemy’s name.

After following the steps given above the Sadhak should keep the wrapped root in his hand and go in in front of the enemy, whose mouth he wishes to shut. The Stambhan Tantra says that the enemy will forget his animosity and turn amicable towards the Sadhak.

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  1. hello sir i want to know where i can get the palash tree root in india any website or area could you tell me or also tell me is there any sharir kilan mantra is required before the starting of chamunda sadhna will this sadhna harm to me during chanting of mantra to gain sidhi please justify it.

  2. hello sir i want eassy simple stambhan mantra. to chant. which is eassy for daily chant without any procedure. if we fail in procedure it creat wrong effect. so plz give simple mantra to shut the mouth of enemy form spreading rumors. wil seek ur reply sir.

  3. hello sir i want some simple eassy nd effective stambhan mantra. without following any fearsome process.

  4. Pronam guruji,agar hum 100,000 times se jada bol diya to kya problems hoga.


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