Bhairavi Stambhan Mantra for Enemies

This is a Bhairavi Mantra Sadhana to gain paranormal protection against the weapons of enemies. As pointed out in earlier posts, these mantras are ancient spells, where enmities where mostly settled through swords and knives, hence the practitioners sought divine protection against harm from enemy weapons.

These protection experiments are mostly Tamas [fearsome] practices and hence the fearsome manifestations of various Hindu Deities are sought to be invoked. This Prayog invokes the Goddess Bhairavi.

An Indian Protection Spell of the Fearsome Goddess Bhairavi
Bhairavi Stambhan Mantra for Enemies

The Siddhi over the mantra is gained in a Smashan Bhumi [Hindu Cremation Ground]. The Sadhana is usually commenced on a Siddha Yoga Day like Amavasya, Holi, Grahan Kaal, Navaratri and Diwali. The practitioner has to chant the mantra 21,000 times sitting completely nude on the ground.

After completing the Mantra Japa, he has to worship the Goddess Bhairavi by making offerings of Wine and Meat.

Then whenever the Yogi wishes to use the Mantra Proyog, if threatened by enemies, the following Shastra Stambhan Experiment [Immobilization] has to be conducted.

Shastra [ शस्त्र ] Stambhan Prayog
The seeds of the Apamarga Plant [Devil’s Horsewhip pr Prickly Chalf Flower] have to be taken in the hand and infused by chanting this Stambhan Mantra 21 times and thrown in front of the enemies. This is said to immobilized the hands of the enemies and render their weapons useless.

Note - In English Shastra, [शस्त्र] weapon and [शास्त्र] religious scripture or texts are spelled in the same way.

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