Business Vashikaran Yantra

This is a specific and super special Vashikaran Yantra to attract, enchant and put a spell on a person or a place for the purposes of business, commerce, trade, finance or any other kind of commercial purpose. This Yantra as you will no doubt notice makes the uses of the Vashikaran Mantra given by me in an earlier post for the same purpose.

This Yantra making procedure is as follows
To be prepared on any Saturday during the Vasant Ritu as per the Hindu Panchang. This period is the spring or harvest season and is a festive period in India.

A Hindu Charm and Spell for the purposes of business and commerce
Business Vashikaran Yantra
The ink used for the Yantra should be a mixture in equal parts of the Blood of the practitioner and Gorochana. Any pointed wooden stick can be used for writing the Vashikaran Yantra. The word नाम in the center should be replaced by the name of the person or business place, which are sought to be put under a Vashikaran Spell.
Once prepared the Yantra should be energized by offerings of Dhoop/Deep/ Perfume/Scented Flowers.

After this, the practitioner should in a quiet place and chant the Vashikaran Mantra 108 times and then keep the Vashikaran Yantra in his purse or pocket. This Mantra can also be seen in this post – Here.

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