Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meaning of Moles on Private Parts of Women

In this post, I have given some interesting and important locations of Moles on the thighs, navel, stomach and private parts of a woman and what they indicate about her future.

Mole on Thighs 
If there are two Moles on the left Thigh of a woman, then her thinking is not pure. This is said to be due to the effect of the Mool Nakshatra { Lambda Scorpio} at the time of her birth.

Mole on Navel
A clear Mole in the center of the Belly Button signifies that the woman will lead an extremely happy married life, without any major problems.

Mole on Stomach
A Mole on the stomach, below the Belly Button, indicates a sign of abundance and plenty in everything in life.

Mole on Vagina
A Mole in the Southern Side of the entrance to the Vagina, indicated that the woman will become a person of authority or will hold a position of power and authority. Alternatively, she will be the wife or girlfriend of a powerful man and will have influence over this man. She will lead the life of abundance, like a queen.

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