Mantra for Confident and Clear Voice

Today I will explain an extremely simple, yet super effective Tantra to increase the strength of the vocal cords and gain a strong, unfaltering, fluent and clear voice. This Svara Tantra should be useful not only the politician, public speaker, teacher and salesperson, but for the ordinary person, as a strong voice indicates confidence and clarity in thoughts and thinking.

This Tantra involves the extremely powerful Maha Beej Mantra Hreem, about which, I have spoken about repeatedly in many previous posts.

An Indian Mantra Tantra experiment for a strong and confident voice
Mantra for Confident and Clear Voice

The Tantra
The Mantra should be chanted 108 times every day at a fixed time of the day, as per the convenience of the practitioner and the practitioner should as far as possible try to avoid deviating from the daily timing.

The practitioner should chant the mantra in a clean place; he should purify the place by lighting an Agarbatti or Dhoop. He can use any kind of Counting Rosary, with which he feels comfortable. Woman should avoid the Mantra Sadhana during the course of their Monthly Cycle.

As the days go by the practitioner will feel positive changes in his speech.

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  1. Can someone please tell me, can these mantras must be spoken and recited or can i chant them silently in my heart for them to be effective.

    1. There has to be some vocal sound while chanting these Mantras.

    2. But it is said that best way to do jaap is silent in the mind right?

  2. Do you need a gurus permission in order to perform these mantras or can we do it on our own...?? Can it be harmful in any form..please guide

    1. This Mantra does not need the permission of a Guru, for other Mantra-Tantra please read the concerned posts if any specific rules or restrictions are given.

  3. How many times can this be done?

    1. One a day as mentioned in the post and continued until you feel you have gained the necessary results.

  4. will this really help me i was rejected for my voice in acting , am developing baritone deep voice like Amitabh Bachchan

    so need more tips and suggestions.

  5. hello this mantra help me to get an appointment from concerned person in my telemarketing job.

  6. I want to strengthen my vocal cords so I can sing . Will it work for that purpose ???


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