Abandoning Earth for Space Settlements

Unsurprisingly, more and more Earth folks grew tempted by the low cost to move up into the high orbiting robotically well served settlements. This especially tempted younger adults not yet too heavily tied to traditional old Earth living. The now very efficient geostationary cable lift cost merely about 1% of a traditional old (air polluting) rocket lift.

And then even better, the low cost to stay up in the high settlements was temptingly far cheaper for young folks than getting deep into borrowed debt down on massive Earth, to be paid monthly for some temperature insulated of course rather massive needfully strong weather protecting heated or cooled thick walled home confined down on Gravity Prison Earth. Also young adults were more open to trying and enjoying new fun ways to live.

And also as very nicely designed, living would stay very cheap, thanks to robotically produced and distributed food and manufactured products costing no more than some time mentally covering some subtasks assigned by the settlements managing group. Robotic services in the high orbiting settlements covered many needs almost free, from food to manufactured products, also utilities. Likewise cheaply available were products for daily entertainments, like TVs and quite capable home computers, powered by electricity, converted virtually free, from internal warmth local temperatures, (keeping all suitably cooled within the settlement's outside heat insulating thick protective shell), and also powered from electricity converted from external Solar light.

And no need for protection from bad temperatures and storms like down on Earth. So when abandoning Earth, leave back (with envious others) all your past protective, now up here totally unneeded, winter clothes and coats, snow and other boots, thick tough shoes, umbrellas, rain coats, sun blocking hats, etc.

High orbiting settlers didn't mind having to pay in many cases mostly by doing some helpful maybe even interesting assigned subtasks for the team managing the high settlements. And then as the population kept growing up here, those subtasks became spread smaller, shorter, costing less time per person. So mostly relax daily and much enjoy your robotically well served very easy improved living!

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