Future Asteroid Communication Time

Several high orbiting settlers were able to adequately perform subtasks related to programing and monitoring the robotic services. These were subtasks assigned to pay for their new homes and for settlement services and robotic products and tasks. Such subtasks had been greatly freeing the group of managers, plus the experts working for them, from such tedious tasks for source asteroids, and then also for the high orbiting settlements.

Some such settlers would first give some time weekly to monitor progress of robotic work on a source asteroid for many things, such as refining suitable materials for construction into components to be tossed out as loads to be ion jetted to wanted places. If on an asteroid 299,000,000km away (Earth's orbit diameter), then what was observed would have happened 16.6min ago.

Then later it would need just as long to possibly beam there any wanted useful prepared conceived modifications. You'd next have to wait over a half hour before viewing any changes begun on the asteroid, if that far away.

The first selected source asteroid had been between the orbits of Earth & Mars (which have orbit radii 149,500,000km & 228,000,000km). Later choices for source asteroids had been easy to select from ~200 of >= 100km size in the main asteroid belt, (and with ~600 being >= 50km, or ~30 >= 200km), [~, >=, and -+ mean approximately, greater than or equal to, and minus or plus], which has orbit radii ranging from 308,000,000km - 490,000,000km, (thus being distant from Sol by 2.06 - 3.28 times Earth's orbit radius).

On closest or farthest approaches to Earth & the high orbiting settlements, an asteroid from the inner main asteroid belt ranges in distance from us by 308,000,000 -+ 149,500,000km, = 158,500,000km to 457,500,000km. Or one from the outer edge of the main asteroid belt ranges in closest or farthest approach to Earth by 490,000,000 -+ 149,500,000km, = 340,500,000km to 639,500,000km.

Thus transmissions aimed from/to us from any in the inner belt edge take 529s to 1526s = 8.8min to 25.4min. Or any in the outer belt edge would take 1136s to 2133s = 18.9min to 35.6min to transmit between us. Thus to observe robotic performances on any such chosen source asteroid, and then to send simple programed function changes, and also to wait to see how the changes worked, this would all require at least triple those times, thus at least from .44hour to 1.78hours. And any complicated program changes would of course cost settlers much more time to fully prepare. But such assigned sometimes complex subtasks were accepted by settlers as quite fair for having gained such easy living almost free homes in the robotically well served high orbiting settlements.

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