Yantra Experiment to Stop Diarrhea

Today, I will explain how a healing Charm is prepared and how a special experiment conducted to stop diarrhea. The procedure of making and using this Yantra is different from the usual way in which most health Yantras are prepared and put to use.

Preparation of the Yantra
The practitioner has to take a Copper Vessel and write the Yantra as shown in the diagram, using a thick paste of the common Indian spice Asafoetida, known as Hing or Hinga in the Hindi Language. The practitioner should use any pointed wooden stick for drawing the Yantra.

The after this, the practitioner should fill some water in the Copper Vessel and let the Asafoetida mix and blend nicely with the water.

An India Charm practiced to stop Diarrhea
Yantra to Stop Diarrhea
Using the Yantra
All that has to be done is to give the water in the Copper Vessel to the person suffering from loose motions to drink.

This Healing Yantra is independent of any other procedure, like energizing, infusing or any other kind of Puja-Archana.

I have given the procedure, and wish to say that this remedy is not a replacement for any medical treatment and given here in this post for information purposes only.

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