Nostradamus - Will Modi bring back Black Money

These Nostradamus prophecies regarding the accumulation of ill-gotten wealth in Swiss Banks were first interpreted by this site way back in 2009, much before Narendra Modi arrived on the national political scene in India. One of the elections promises of Modi and his commitment to Baba Ramdev was to retrieve this ill-gotten wealth and bring it back to India.

One cannot be certain if these prophecies relate to Modi or not, but what is certain is that they relate to India and looted Indian money. Let us have a look once again at these particular prophecies in simplified English.

Century 1- 61- “There will be a new authority in the Republic [India]. The great amount of ill-gotten wealth will make the Swiss Break their agreement.”

Century 9 -44 – Leave, leave Geneva all of you, Saturn will convert Gold to Iron. Raypoz will exterminate all who oppose him. Before this happens there will be signs in the sky.”

Both these prophecies are clear in one aspect, a lot is going to happen regarding the loot money accumulated in Swiss Banks. The Swiss will be forced to break their most valued secrecy agreements with the holders of these Black Money Accounts.

In the second prophecy, there is  an warning to those have such Black Money Accounts to run away, there will be no place to hide for them, all the stored loot will be of no valve to them as it is going to be confiscated. The term Raypoz could refer to the person in authority and the timing is going to be when there is some sort of global conflict. The signs in the sky part.

The probabilities of these prophecies being related to Modi and India are high as Black Money stored in safe havens is the subject of great debate in India these days than ever before.

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