Importance of Shankhnaad in Hinduism

Shankhanaad is the sound, which emits from a conch shell after it is blown by someone. Shankhnaad has always had great relevance in the Hindu religion and culture, including during the times of the great battle of Kurukshetra.  One often comes across scenes of Shri Krishna, Arjuna and other great warriors blowing the Shankha before going to battle as also numerous other scenes from Hindu Mythology, which show the Shankha being blown before the commencement of an important religious ceremony, rite or even a Yagna.

The Shankha is also the symbol of many Hindu deities, including Laxmi and Vishnu and many Tantric experiments for money and wealth are performed using certain specific Shankhas like the Dakshinavarty Shankha, this site has also published a few of these experiments. A popular experiment which is practiced for attracting Laxmi can be seen - Here.

Some Tantric texts indicate that Atma [soul/spirit] of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth Laxmi resides inside a Shankha. These texts recommend that Shankhnaad, every morning and evening makes the atmosphere in the house pure and vibrant.  Shankhnaad is normally done after performing the morning/evening Puja and one of the most important reasons is that it removes the elder sister of Laxmi, Alaxmi or Avadasa [Poverty], from the house.

According to traditional Indian Medicine, Shankhanaad strengthens the heart and increases the capacity of the lungs. However, Shankhnaad is not recommended for pregnant women as it is most likely to cause stress to the womb, whereby causing unnecessary complications, which might have an adverse effect on the pregnancy. Rubbing a Shankha on a rubbing board and applying the residue on the skin is said to remove skin related diseases. Shankha Water is believed to be effective in removing chronic acidity.

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