Ghantakarna Laxmi Kripa Mantra

Today, I have published the Ghantakarna Mantra for gaining the Kripa [Blessings] of the Wealth Goddess Laxmi Mata on the auspicious day of Ravi Pushya Yoga. This Tithi as already explained in previous posts is an important astrological alignment as per traditional Hindu astrology for accomplishing anything to do with money and wealth. This combination occurs when the Pushya Nakshatra [Delta Cancri] appears on Sunday; the weekly day ruled by the Sun [Ravi], hence this alignment in known as the Ravi Pushya Yoga or Ravi Pushya Amrit Yoga.

Ghantakarna is a mystical entity who as per Hindu Mythology is a great devotee of both Vishnu and Shiva.  There is an air of mystery, which surrounds the Ghantakarna with diverse tales and descriptions about him in Indian and Nepali texts. This Mantra Sadhana invokes the Ghantakarna in order to seek the blessings of Laxmi in order to gain all comforts in life, including money, wealth and property.

This Mantra Sadhana is believed to be more powerful and potent if practiced on the Ravi Pushya Yoga, however, there is no bar on performing it on any other auspicious Hindu Tithi or festival.

The practitioner has to sit on a White Colored Woolen Sitting Mat, facing the Southern Direction and chant this Ghantakarna Laxmi Mantra 108 times using a White Hakik Counting Rosary[ Counting Rosary prepared using White Agate Stones] for counting the Mantra Chants.

A Laxmi Kripa Mantra invoking Ghantakarna
Ghantakarna Laxmi Kripa Mantra

Another Mantra Experiment of the Ghantakarna published earlier is given - Here

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  1. Dear Sir ,Can i count it on finger, 108 is not a big no. as I do not have hakik rosary.
    Please reply sir.

  2. namaste guruji.
    the ravi pushya naxtra is starting from 11 a.m on sunday dec 27...can we do this sadhana in the evening during sunset ???or it has to be done in day time...?please guide guruji as the ravi pushya naxtra is coming soon.

    1. You can perform the Mantra Sadhana in the evening after sunset but as mentioned in the article above a Hakik Japa Mala will give best results, if unable to find one then you can count the Mantra Chants on your fingers.


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