Mahalaxmi Mantra for Future Generations

This is a special Diwali Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana to make your future generations financially safe, secure and prosperous and enable them to live life comfortably.  There is a special method to practice and make this Sadhana potent and effective, on the day of Diwali. The procedure of performing the Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana has been given in a step-by-step manner below.

1] On the day of Diwali, during the period of Vrishabha Lagna [Ascendant Taurus] after the morning bath, wear clear clothes and sit down comfortably facing the Western Direction on a Red Colored Sitting Mat.
2] Then place a Wooden Board in front of you and put a Pile of Rice Grains on the Wooden Board and place a Copper Kalash filled with water on the pile of Rice Grains.
3] Then take a few Cowries [small seashells, found in shops selling Hindu Puja Items] and color them with Haldi Paste and immerse them in the Kalash and cover the Kalash with a Copper Lid.
4]Then draw a Swastika on the Copper Lid with Kumkum Paste[Red Vermillion Paste] and place a Laxmi and Ganesh Maha Yantra [ This Yantra is easily available in shops selling Hindu Yantras] on the Copper Lid.
5] Then worship the Copper Kalash by offering it red flowers, Gulal, KumKum, Chandan Powder and Attar of Flowers [perfume of flowers]. Then offer it Prasad of any kind of Sweets or Mithai.
6] After this, chant the Mahalaxmi Mantra, given here 756 times or seven Malas using a Kamal Beej Mala [Lotus Bead Counting Rosary].

A Mahalaxmi Mantra for prospertity and money for Future Generations
Mahalaxmi Mantra for Future Generations

Then on the next day, only do the Puja of the Kalash [as mentioned in step number 5] and sprinkle the water in the Kalash on all the walls of the house. Keep the Laxmi-Ganesh Maha Yantra in the Puja-Place. The Cowries have to be wrapped in a Red Colored Silk Cloth and kept in the place where you keep your money and valuables. The rest of the items, like the rice grains and flowers have to be immersed in a water body.

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