4 Daily Mantras of Laxmi

To make it simple for the layperson practicing Indian Mantras, especially the large number of visitors coming to this site, in search of relevant Hindu Mantras, I have made it simple. In this post are given 4 small, yet most potent and powerful Laxmi Mantras, anyone of these wealth generating mantras can be selected and chanted daily by the aspiring devotee.

The only rule which is required in cleanliness and hygiene because these are the qualities most dear to Laxmi. Woman should also refrain from chanting the mantras during their monthly cycle.

Select anyone of the 4 mantras you like and chant it 11 times. Do this early in the morning, after a bath, in the afternoon and while going to bed. The Goddess Laxmi will surely bless you. The last two mantras also invoke Vishnu along with Laxmi. That is all that has to be done.

A simple Daily Mantra of the Indian Goddess Laxmi
4 Daily Mantras of Laxmi

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