Nostradamus Hinduism and Modi

The tribe of secularists in India appears to be growing day by day, being secular in India means rejection of Hinduism and the Hindu way of life. From the brain washed leftist oriented scribe and social worker to the casteist politician, everyone speaks of secularism, like some latest fashion.  However, it is equally true that there are still some secular people like Gandhiji in India, but only a minuscule percentage.

About three years back I had written a detailed post on the re-emergence of the Hindu Religion. That article was based on what I considered a extremely specific prophecy contained in one of the Quatrains of Nostradamus; more specifically, the first Century, Quatrain 8. This article can be read – Nostradamus Hindu Revival.

I would like to refine this prophecy once again in common English to give a precise meaning to it. “The Temples will once again be constructed like in the times of the early Roman Empire. The people will reject the foundations of the later day religions and return back to the human way of life and eradicate all later day founders of religions”

This Nostradamus prophecy as I sated in the earlier post can only refer to the return of the Hindu Way of Life. This also appears to be a World Wide Prophecy and not India specific.

The period of the fulfillment of this prophecy appears to be nearing and is likely to be fulfilled after a period of strife and violence. The emergence of Narendra Modi could also be one of the contributing factors; however, I am not sure about this, only time will tell.

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  1. Sir I wanted to ask you one thing:

    Do you think or forsee, the current Congress govt retaining their stake as of now in comparison to BJP?

    1. At this moment of time BJP appears to be much more powerful than the Congress.


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